Note: This information applies to NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, KAIST students considering a semester in New York. Students from other colleges and universities who are interested in enrolling as a visiting student at NYU's campus in New York should consider programs hosted by NYU's Office of University Programs.

Currency in the U.S.

The USA currency is the US Dollar, the sign for which is $.

Denominations: Coins are: 1 cent (penny), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), and 25 cents (quarter). Coins of 50 cents and $1 also exist but are pretty uncommon.

Bills are printed in denominations of $1, $2 (uncommon), $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

Please see for up-to-date information about currency exchange rates.  

Using Debit or Credit Cards in the US

If you have a debit or credit card that was issued outside of the US, they can be used for transactions in the US but you will be charged a foreign transaction fee by your credit/debit card company. These can range from a fixed charge to a percentage based on the purchase amount.

Before using a non-US card here in New York, it’s a good idea to call you bank ahead of time and let them know you will be traveling. Many banks will think the New York charges are fraudulent and can shut off your card without notice if you have not already told them you are abroad.