Procedure for Payment in Homestays

The student pays the first month or part thereof directly to the head of the household upon arrival in euros. Upon payment students should request a receipt.

Important - Payment in euros must be made in cash. No credit cards, personal checks, or American Express traveler's checks will be accepted. Students do not receive housing charges on their e-bill.

Students are encouraged to speak to their bank providers ahead of departure about increasing their daily withdrawal limits, as most banks do not allow ATM withdrawals above 300€ on the same day. Students are responsible for carrying or having access to the first month's rent upon arrival.

Rent for the second and remaining months should be paid to the head of the household by the 3rd of the month.

Note: Rent is assessed from a student's arrival at the homestay until their final departure. Students' rent is not discounted if a student is traveling or misses included meals.

Payment in Apartment-Style Residence

Students will be charged in US dollars by semester through the NYU Bursar Office on their NYU E-bill. Scholarships and aid awards in excess of tuition and fees will credit against the cost of housing. Payments are to be made to the University Bursar in the e-suite online payment tool.