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Spanish Language, Society and Culture (English Track)

Students at the beginning or intermediate Spanish level have the opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills at NYU Madrid while also learning about contemporary Spanish culture through English taught courses.  Students work to improve their language skills with an intensive language class such as Intensive Elementary or Intensive Intermediate Spanish while also enrolling in English taught courses focusing on Spanish art, cinema, economics, literature, and politics.  Intermediate level students can gain additional language practice by enrolling in one of the Spanish conversation courses Spain Today or Music, Cinema, and Literature in 20th Century Spain.

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Spanish Language, Society and Culture (Spanish Track)

For students at the advanced Spanish language level, NYU Madrid offers an immersive experience with a wide variety of courses taught in Spanish.  Students can work toward fluency by taking Spanish taught courses on topics ranging from art to politics in addition to advanced courses required for Spanish majors such as Advanced Grammar and Composition. Advanced Spanish level students also have the opportunity to enroll in up to two courses at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

Featured Courses

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The Politics of Climate Change

This English taught course examines the interaction between two coupled systems, the Earth system and humanity’s political systems. Beginning with an analysis of the effects of anthropogenic industrial carbon dioxide gas emissions on the Earth system as derived from the scientific evidence this course attempts to understand the reaction of the global, European and Spanish political governance systems to these transformations. In order to understand something as apparently specific as the impact of climate change in the Iberian peninsula and the Spanish state’s response to it we must first understand how the United Nations and the European Union are responding to climate change since the Spanish political system’s control and mitigation policies are largely determined by these two larger governance systems’ responses.

Islam and Spain: Past and Present

This course, offered in Spanish, offers an introduction to Islam, with reference to both the Islamic religion as well as to the evolution of the Arab world. Special attention is given to the history of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) and its important contribution to Europe and America.