Wondering what courses to take at NYU Madrid next semester? We've highlighted a few exciting courses below that former students highly recommend for Intermediate and/or Advanced Spanish speakers. Explore issues of urbanization while learning the history of Madrid's development in Madrid: Urban Visions. Deepen your understanding of current issues and culture in Spain while strengthening your conversational skills with a conversation based course. Broaden your knowledge of Islam, learn about surrealism while viewing important works firsthand in Surrealism in Spain or learn to write a New Yorker magazine style letter about your experience with the local culture in Spain in the 2 credit course Letters from Afar.

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Letters from Afar

Frame your trip to Madrid with this 2 credit writing course. Modeled after the "Letters from..." series by the New Yorker, this course will help you dive into Madrid and bring a piece of it back with you through your writing.

Madrid: Urban Visions

Students analyze Madrid's urban development and its social impact, while also using Madrid as a case study to understand the broader urban experience. Conducted in Spanish. 

Head shot of Maria Lopez

Students and Teacher in Madrid Classroom

Strengthen your Conversational Skills

Conversation based courses at NYU Madrid allow students to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues in Spain while improving their language skills through conversations and oral presentations. Students enrolled in an Intermediate language course can take Spain Today. Understanding Current Issues in Spain is recommended for advanced students.

Students gather for a meal while on a class trip

Islam and Spain

Islam and Spain, with Prof. Ariza Armada offers you the possibility to open your mind to a frequently little or badly known reality, increasing your knowledge about Islam and its history, focusing on its relation with Spain. The course will provide you with the tools to better understand the world around you and will also improve your Spanish substantially.

Students and professor in Art Museum

Surrealism in Spain

(Spring only)

Students with advanced Spanish language abilities can learn about the history of surrealism while studying important works first hand in local museums such as the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía Centro de Arte.

Head shot of Angel Aragones