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Get out of the classroom and into the community! Internships help students immerse in Spanish culture, make life-long connections, and gain invaluable hands-on professional experience.  

Academic Internships

Students in the NYU Madrid Academic Internship Program learn about Spanish culture and professional life through internship placements in a wide range of industries. This for-credit program includes two components:

  1. Guaranteed (minimum 16hr/week) internship placement
  2. Participation in the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork course

In order to enroll in this program, students must participate in a competitive application process. Successful applicants are typically adaptable, flexible, goal-oriented, and open-minded.

Students are required to have Spanish language proficiency of at least Intermediate Spanish II in key competencies (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Without this minimum proficiency, students are not eligible to participate in the internship program.

While there is no cost to participate in the Academic Internship Program, students that participate are subject to a financial penalty should they withdraw from the program.

All questions may be directed to

To apply to the NYU Madrid Academic Internship Program, you must first submit a study application. Visit the NYU Study Abroad "Apply" page for more information. You will be prompted to upload a personal statement, resume, and other documents as part of your online internship application.

Internship Placements

NYU has partnered with EUSA, a non-profit organization, to identify custom placements for students in the academic internship program. Unlike a traditional internship search, where students as job seekers are applying directly to organizations and weighing opportunities, EUSA conducts this entire process on participants' behalf. EUSA weighs opportunities based on students' academic and professional goals, resulting in one placement.

Please watch this short video to better understand the placement process:


Internship opportunities vary semester by semester; therefore, no specific placement list is available. Placement opportunities reflect trends in the context of the Spanish job market. Some sample placement industries include: Advertising, Arts, Business, Film and TV, Hospitality, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Politics, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Sociology, Public Relations, and Theater.  If you do not see your industry of interest or have questions, email

Experiential Learning Seminar Course

Application Instructions

Students interested in participating in the NYU Madrid Academic Internship Program for the FALL semester must submit an application by February 15 (11:59pm NY time). 

Students interested in participating in the NYU Madrid Academic Internship Program for the SPRING semester must submit an application by September 15 (11:59pm NY time).

Students will be notified of admission soon after. This program is competitive, and students are encouraged to take the application process seriously.

Wasserman Center Global Internship Grant - Fall 2023

Apply for a $1,200 grant!

DEADLINE: Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 at 11:59PM EST, Job ID 7805058

Pursuing an unpaid internship at a not-for-profit organization or within an industry that does not traditionally pay interns (arts, entertainment, media, nonprofit, education, etc.) this fall? Apply now for the Internship Grant! Check out our website for more information.

Wasserman Grant

Non-Credit Internships

Internships in Spain require contracts called convenios.  NYU cannot sign convenios for non-credit internships in Spain. All internships must be credit-bearing, including summer opportunities. NYU will only facilitate the signing of a convenio for students enrolled in the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork course at NYU Madrid, which is offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. See the above section for more information on this program. Please direct all questions to