Street intersection in Madrid with Metropolis building

Madrid benefits from its position as the capital of Spain, a country of 17 autonomous communities with unique identities that was also the historical crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. At NYU Madrid, students of Spanish language and culture gain fluency, art history enthusiasts study masterpieces at the Prado Museum, and business students learn about the European economy. Additionally, students can gain career experience and course credit through an academic internship program.

Cost Per Semester (Academic Year 23-24)

Undergraduate tuition and fees: $30,219

Housing: $6,600 - $8,705

Students pay their individual school tuition, which may differ by college. For comparison to other global locations, including New York, a cost estimation chart is available on the costs and financial aid page.

Academic Calendar: Fall/ Spring/ Full Year/ Summer

Student Body: 80 - 110 students

Housing: Homestays and student residence

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = .82 Euro