Thriller Fundamentals

Creating suspense, delivering twists and controlling pacing are three critical tools for the thriller writer. In this workshop, lectures on the fundamentals of thriller writing will be paired with constructive critique on participants’ works in progress. The session will also address fundamentals of selling your work. Applicants must submit a log line, a paragraph-long synop- sis and the first 10 pages of their screenplay, teleplay or novel in advance

The Art of the Entrepreneurial Pitch

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a screenwriter, a producer, an actor, at some point you’re going to have to pitch your story, your company, yourself. This workshop will give you the tools to understand the elevator pitch, the longer form pitch, and how to get people excited about what you are building. We’ll bring in experts ranging from those who have raised money for their ventures to seasoned showrunners that have sold shows. Our goal is to give you the groundwork to tell your story well. Over the course of a month, meeting once a week, we will help you understand the bones of a pitch and bring in different seasoned experts to advise. You will craft a pitch and perform it in front of a room to hone it and accrue feedback

From the Frontlines of the First Feature

Discussions on navigating different stages of the first feature. Each session will be led by a different first time feature director at a different stage of their first film. The instructors will also address how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted their creative work and their career expectations and possibilities.

Navigating a Narrative World

“The ability to move people emotionally is also the power to move them transactionally,” according to Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Pictures. Whether you’re a writer, director, or producer, publicist, editor, or development executive, storytelling is the center of a successful career. This session will build on the concept of living and working in “Hollywood” and how the successful journey starts with the personal narrative with which we enter the business. Students will learn about the concept of purposeful storytelling -- storytelling that engages listeners and turns them into viral advocates of the tellers’ goals –- as it relates to their own career journeys. Special guest speakers from various industries who have mastered the art of living a narrative-centered life will share the skill set behind the power of telling purposeful stories. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding the concept of purposeful stories and the importance of goals in storytelling -- a call to action that is necessary for effective storytelling in personal, professional, or creative storytelling. 2. Identifying and analyzing a purposeful storyteller’s goals. 3. Learning how to engage the listener(s) in a dialog. 4. Understanding how to turn your story into their story.

Directing for Television

Gain insight into the art, craft and business of directing episodic television. This session will cover industry terminology, the director prep process, give tips for meetings and break down how the industry works for scripted television. We will deep dive into the craft of directing through lecture and hands-on exercises to learn: the rules of screen directing, methods of blocking actors, best practices for guiding actor performance, the role of camera movement, directing action scenes and other aspects critical to developing skills as a TV director, using the latest industry software. By the end of the session, attendees will gain expert knowledge, understand industry terminology, develop software skills and will understand the business of directing episodic television. This workshop will conclude by mapping possible career pathways for directors desiring to work in television.

Your Medium has a Message: Social Impact Content Creation and Marketing

A social impact filmmaking & strategy session that will look at the ways social movements have been impacted by nonfiction/fiction and independent/pop culture media. Share key strategies and techniques for up and coming filmmakers, filmmaking teams, and production companies to create compelling impact stories, identify end goals and build strategic campaigns. By the end of the session, attendees will have the tools to do this work and see their own filmmaking efforts as social impact work.

Developing The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Over four sessions, this deep dive into entrepreneurship will address how to adjust one’s mindset in order to establish clarity in goal setting while remaining in fearless pursuit of saying yes to opportunities. Session One – What is Entrepreneurship? Session Two – Goal Setting. Session Three – Networking. Session Four - Creating Your Own Personal Brand. Each session will include a notable guest speaker (bios below).

Richard Macklin: Richard is Global Vice Chair of Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. He was part of the small core team who took business from 164th largest to the No 1 slot in less than 5 years, recently winning the prestigious International Law Firm of the Year award from The Lawyer magazine and Innovative LawFirm of the Year from the Financial Times. Richard leads the firm’s More for Less client engagement programme, responding to the post-Lehman disruption of legal services. He has been stationed in New York, Brussels and Paris and has headed the firm’s M&A department as well as a number of its international offices. He is a qualified lawyer in both France and the UK, an accredited business coach and sits on a number of advisory and charitable boards.

Guy Fletcher: Guy Fletcher has been a respected songwriter since the sixties. Recordings of his songs by Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Ray Charles, Frankie Valli, Joe Cocker and many other international stars have ensured Guy’s place in British pop history. Behind the scenes, he has worked for many years for the UK copyright community including more than a decade as Chairman of The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters where he led many campaigns against the erosion of composers’ rights. After 20 years on the board of the Performing Right Society and the past six years as PRS Chairman, he continues to be a highly respected voice internationally and is a tireless champion of the entire music community. Guy was honoured with an OBE for services to British Music in the 2005 Queen’s birthday honours list.