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Young Entertainment Activists (YEA!) is an organization of over 3,500 Hollywood professionals dedicated to integrating activism in the entertainment industry. The organization, along with its social impact agency arm YEA! Impact, produces action oriented events and initiatives to transform both the internal makeup of the industry and the world at large.

In Fall 2020, the YEA Activation Hub was established: A source of partnership, networking, and career-building for all NYU LA students, no matter their focus of study, and often with integrations directly into program syllabi. The YEA Activation Hub continues, co-run by an NYU LA alumna who upon graduation was offered a full-time job with the company, with multiple opportunities for students to take advantage of: The Climate Ambassadors Network, Creators for Justice, and 1:1 Career Sessions.

Previously, YEA also administered Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons as part of the Activation Hub. Now a separate initiative, NYU LA partnered with AfroCROWD for Spring 2021 to put on a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon integrated into four classes and also open to alumni.

The NYU LA Activation Hub has an exciting opportunity for you.

Creators for Justice is an intitiate that pairs non-profits with artists in need of creative support. We are looking for: Producers, Marketing Coordinators, Outreach Coordinators, and Grants & Sponsorship Cordinators

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