The Discovery Experience was developed in Fall 2020 to provide NYU LA students with opportunities for professional development and networking in the face of limited internship and networking opportunities due to COVID-19. It’s a tailored research experience pairing students with Professional Partners to provide real world solutions to real world problems and questions.

Professional Partners think of an industry problem or question and pose it to a group of participating students. We provide a framework for the students to meet, strategize and develop their solutions in which they are asked to consider the question from historical, contemporary, comparative and predictive perspectives. At the end of the semester, the students present their methodology, process and proposed solutions to their Professional Partner and a panel of at least three industry guests.

In our first semester, Professional Partners came from companies such as A24, Hyde Park Entertainment Group, and Gunpowder & Sky.



It will require meeting with your professional partner 5 times throughout the semester, with each meeting lasting an hour.

Students will meet as a group in-between meetings to research and prepare for each meeting.

This is a completely voluntary program and in addition to all other academic work. It will not count for credit and it will require a signed commitment in order to participate.


Any student taking at least one class at NYU LA or who is enrolled in the LA Internship Track is eligible to apply.