NYU’s program in Los Angeles requires all students to complete an internship or similar professional development experience in the entertainment and media industries as part of a 4-credit experiential learning seminar. Students may meet this requirement in one of three ways:

Sample organizations include:
  • Film studios
  • Television studios
  • Production companies
  • Television networks
  • Record labels
  • Music publishing companies
  • Talent agencies
  • News organizations
  • Internet companies
  • Public relations and communications firms
  • Marketing and advertising agencies

Students will also participate in workshops to better understand the creative and business landscape, develop industry contacts, and facilitate the transition to work.

NYU Los Angeles staff will help students identify and connect to organizations appropriate for their interests and experience. However, students will be responsible for managing interviews and applications with any potential employers and ultimately securing those opportunities on their own.

You will be asked in the application for NYU Los Angeles to discuss your background and goals for the program, to highlight your top areas of professional interest within the entertainment and media industries, and to submit a professional resume. Students selected for an admission interview will have an additional opportunity to discuss your goals and preferences in more detail with NYU faculty and/or staff.

Following admission to the program, you will receive more information about specific opportunities in Los Angeles, along with connections to potential host organizations for an internship or other professional development experience. You should assume that you will need to interview with multiple firms, and you may be one of multiple candidates for a particular opportunity. NYU Los Angeles cannot guarantee you a preferred internship, but you will receive help and support to result in a positive experience.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the services the Wasserman Center to help you prepare for the Los Angeles Program, including seminars and coaching on job search strategies, developing and improving your resume, interviewing skills, networking techniques, and other topics. In addition, students admitted to NYU Los Angeles will be able to take advantage of program-specific sessions and resources.

All students at NYU Los Angeles must enroll in the 4-credit Experiential Learning Seminar, which will provide an opportunity to integrate your professional development experience with relevant research and debates in the field, help you develop and enhance key professional skills, and expand your knowledge and understanding of how the entertainment and media industries work, particularly in the Los Angeles context. You will earn academic credit for this course, not for the internship or other professional development experience itself.

If you choose to secure an internship on your own, rather than working through the University, you will need to provide information to chateaubriand@nyu.edu for vetting and review of safety regulations.

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