Director's Statement

Welcome to NYU Los Angeles, the newest addition to NYU’s global network. My team and I look forward to having you join us for a unique experience that will combine the best of Los Angeles and the best of the University.

NYU Los Angeles typically offers a small, highly focused study away program for advanced undergraduates planning careers in the entertainment and media industries. For Spring 2021, students can apply to Go Local in Los Angeles and also choose the Entertainment and Media Internship Track, which requires additional application materials and a faculty interview.

NYU’s Go Local is designed for undergraduates who may not be able to travel to their home campus for the upcoming spring semester. Students who meet certain requirements may enroll and take a number of in-person classes at another NYU location and/or live in NYU-arranged housing (where available), provided that the location opens, that students can safely travel there from surrounding areas, and that there is available space. Decisions about opening each NYU global location for in-person classes and student housing in Spring will reflect local governmental and public health guidance, among other factors.

Learn more about Go Local here

The Entertainment and Media Track within LA’s Go Local program mixes rigorous course work with meaningful internships in movie studios, television studios and networks, production companies, talent agencies, management companies, music labels, industry guilds and unions, advertising and marketing companies, post production houses, policy and advocacy agencies, as well as other related organizations.

Our faculty bring a collective wealth of practical, hands-on experience into our classrooms. They share a deep understanding of these industries’ historical and societal underpinnings and have their fingers on the pulse of the future for these fast-moving fields.

NYULA has a unique relationship with the city of Los Angeles in that 15,000+ NYU alumni live in Southern California. Alumni participate actively with the program, offering mentorships and mock interviews, speaking on panels and in classes, lending their art to adorn the Academic Center, and donating to our food pantry. NYULA opens up several of our special events to alumni every semester in order to further foster community and connectivity. Examples of these events include The History of Horror Cinema: From the Sacred to the Scared, the first ever Hollywood Digital Climate Summit produced in conjunction with Young Entertainment Activists and Variety, and our Discovery Sessions classes and webinars which launched in the summer of 2020.

NYU LA has two professional development opportunities available to all students, our Mentorship Program, in which students are paired with alumni mentors in their field, and the Discovery Experience, in which Professional Partners guide a team of students through a guided research question, giving the students the opportunity to present their answers to a panel of professional experts at the end of the semester. Both of the programs were designed to create additional connectivity and community during the pandemic.

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and the NYU LA program is located directly in its heart, with easy access to museums, movie theaters, restaurants, shops, and other local attractions. DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) Arts District’s collection of galleries is nearby, as are spectacular beaches, hiking trails, parks, SoCal’s renowned amusement parks, and many other world-famous sights. While many of these places may be currently closed or restricted due to Covid-19, we are optimistic that the State and County are doing everything possible to keep residents safe and we are rigorously adhering to their guidelines.

Our aim is to help you make your time at NYULA the most rewarding experience it can be — and a unique opportunity to help you launch your post-NYU career. We can’t wait to welcome you here!

Nina Sadowsky

Director of NYU Los Angeles

Headshot of Nina Sadowsky

Nina Sadowsky, Director of NYU Los Angeles