2021 - 2022

Housing Rates

Should you cancel your study away term, be aware of the published cancellation fee schedule that outlines important deadlines and applicable fees.

Room Type Residence Hall % of Overall Spaces Semester Rate ($)
Single Byron Court, Guilford House 2
Accessible Double Byron Court >1 7,623
Low Cost Double Byron Court 1 7,623
Double Byron Court, Guilford House 40 9,536
Triple Byron Court, Guilford House 15
Quad Guilford House 3.5 8,462

* Above are the proposed rates for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semester for the London study away site. Rates are pending board of trustees approval in summer 2021. Room rates are site specific and are generally determined by room type, rental costs, and associated support services. The figures cited in NYU's Cost of Attendance are based on annual room and board rates at NYU's location in New York.


Housing assignments will be  completed and communicated (via email) in phases as soon as possible after housing applications close and no later than one week prior to the start of the semester.

Should your assignment be completed before you are billed, you will be billed for the actual cost of your housing, however, please note that assignments are subject to review until you receive written communication from NYU London staff. If your assignment is not complete at this time, you will be billed a housing estimate ($10,000). This is not an indication of your assignment. The estimated housing charge will be replaced with your actual housing charge as soon as possible; however this could occur after the beginning of the semester.  

Students should expect to be billed for severe damages at the end of the semester/session after a final inspection by NYU London staff.