Res Life events range from cosy in-residence events like film nights where you can meet your neighbours, to visits and activities all over London. Check out some previous examples below, and make sure you stay up to date with Res Life events by joining your residence's Facebook group, and looking out for the weekly RA email.

Neighbourhood Connections

The Neighbourhood Connection series offers a guided way to explore the diverse areas of London. Our team of RAs run weekly trips to various neighbourhoods across London, introducing students to new places they may not otherwise have explored. Students have had the opportunity to visit:


Our RAs hold a number of events across our residences for you to get to know the community around you. The events vary greatly; examples include regular drop-in hours, floor socials at the beginning of the semester where you can meet your new neighbours, and large film screenings at the end of the semester where anyone from the NYU London community is welcome. RAs have previously run events such as:

  • Chocolate and Cheesy Games
  • Yoga and Smoothies
  • Ice Cream Sandwich party
  • Tiramisu, Treacle Tart and Tarantino Film Night

Around London

The RAs run a number of events out and about in London to aid students in their exploration of the city. Events have included: