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Understanding International Business and Finance

Home to more international banks than any other city, London considered one of the three economic “command centers” of the world.  At NYU London, students can study in this key international marketplace, while still meeting the heavy demands of a business major.  The business curriculum at NYU London covers standard sophomore and junior core subjects at most U.S. business schools. All courses are overseen by and meet the rigorous standards of the faculty of NYU's world-renowned Leonard N. Stern School of Business. The Stern School's programs in finance and in international business-both ranked second in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in 2004—are well represented here, as are courses in accounting. 

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Management and Organizations
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Communication and its Social Context
  • The Financial System (Spring only)
  • Corporate Finance (Spring only)


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Psychology in London

Students majoring in psychology who want to study away can do so at NYU London, where a variety of psychology courses are available to help them stay on track with their major and still experience the excitement of living and learning in another country.  The NYU London psychology curriculum has been developed in consultation with the psychology department to offer a wide range of courses ideal for sophomores and juniors in the major or minor.  Science courses including Biology and Organic Chemistry are also available.  Students typically compliment their coursework in Psychology and the sciences with one or two of London’s many courses focusing on various aspects of British and European culture in subjects ranging from art history to sociology.

British Literature, Theatre, and Writing

The British Literature, Theatre, & Writing program is ideal for students with a major or minor in literature, theatre, or creative writing.  In courses such as Modern Drama and Performance in London classroom lectures are complimented by weekly visits to London’s many theatres. Students also take courses that study the many ways London has been presented in literature through the years, and have the opportunity to develop their own writing skills with a creative writing workshop.

  • Modern Drama and Performance in London
  • Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Stage (Fall only)
  • Writing London
  • The English Novel in the Nineteenth Century
  • Creative Writing
  • Shakespeare: Text and Performance (Spring only)
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The academic program at NYU London has been designed to give undergraduates majoring in the sciences and prehealth professions options that may enable them to continue their curriculum without interruption as they study away. The science courses in London replicate, lecture by lecture, lab by lab, the requirements of the NYU home departments. The average class size is 25 to 35 students, allowing for intensive individual attention from the professor. Grades earned in NYU London classes are acceptable to all AAMCAS medical schools in the United States. 

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The Art and Architecture of London

London is a vibrant city where there is a rich, ongoing debate about how city planners, architects, and artists can work together to improve city residents' quality of life. The Urban Design and Architecture Studies program at NYU has created a set of courses that engage this discussion by adding a layer of architectural field experience not normally found in urban design courses offered in the United States. For example, NYU London offers a course on learning to view and sketch buildings through the eyes of an architect.

  • Recycling Architecture: New Life for Old Buildings (Fall only)
  • Contemporary Art in Britain
  • Architecture in London: Field Study
  • Seeing London's Architecture
  • British Art in London
  • Renaissance Art in London
  • Designing Britain (Spring only)
  • Art & War 1914 to the Present (Spring only)



NYU London offers a program that allows mathematics students to work toward their major, while gaining an international perspective in the diverse capital of England. The mathematics classes are kept small, allowing for an intensive pace and close interaction with professors who are leaders in their field. Mathematics students typically take two math courses and two or three liberal arts courses while at NYU London—an ideal semester for a sophomore or junior. 

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Cross-site degree programs

Many NYU schools and departments offer special global track degree programs. These programs are designed to give students unique global experience in their field of study and often involve studying at multiple global locations. 

Gallatin Program in Global Fashion 

Gallatin offers unique Programs in Global Fashion to undergraduate students studying at NYU London and NYU Florence! The programs provide a comprehensive overview of British or Italian fashion: the historical evolution of forms and standards of dress; representations of fashion in visual art, literature, film, and mass media; and industrial concerns such as design, manufacture, marketing and retailing. The programs draw from the rich cultures and histories of each city, which have been international centers of fashion for several centuries.


Students accepted into the Gallatin Program in Global Fashion in London are required to take the following three courses:

  • IDSEM-UG 9252: History of British Fashion
  • IDSEM-UG 9254: Fashion, Culture and the Body
  • PRACT-UG9250: Global Fashion Industry: Britain