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Abu Dhabi and Shanghai course equivalencies

Remote/Online Course Policy

Students studying at NYU London in the Fall 2022 semester cannot enroll in any type of remote/online course (synchronous, asynchronous, independent study etc...) due to immigration-related policies. This applies to all students regardless of the number of credits they are enrolled in at NYU London or the type of visa they hold.

Courses by Department

Africana Studies


Art History



Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies

Cinema Studies

College Core Curriculum

Creative Writing


Additional opportunities listed under: Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs

Dramatic Literature



Environmental Studies

Experiential Learning for Credit

Film and Television

Additional opportunities listed under: Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs

Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Please see that Gallatin Fashion Program section below for information about the program and the associated courses.

Global Liberal Studies

Global Public Health



Legal Studies

Literature and Creative Writing

Liberal Studies  


Media, Culture, & Communication

Metropolitan Studies

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Nutrition and Food Studies




Religious Studies

Social and Cultural Analysis


Gallatin Fashion Program

Gallatin Fashion Program courses are only open to students admitted to the program. Students can find the application in their enrollment portal after they've submitted their interest for the location. The application is open to all students. Students in the program must enroll in all three courses.

Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs

The following programs are offered through NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs. Each program listed below has special admission requirements. Program courses (courses listed under each individual program) are open only to students admitted to that specific program. Only students admitted to the Directing the Actor: London program may register for additional course work offered through NYU London.

For more information about these programs and the courses offered please visit the program webpages.

Liberal Studies First-Year Courses

Stern FYLO Courses 

Priority registration to Stern FYLO students