In the event of a medical absence, you must complete the online medical absence form.

To request a non-medical absence, you must download and complete the non-medical absence form (PDF, 100kb) and email it to nyul.academics@nyu.edu.

Study abroad at NYU’s Global Academic Centers is an academically intensive and immersive experience, in which students from a wide range of backgrounds exchange ideas in discussion-based seminars.  To ensure the integrity of this academic experience, class attendance at all Global Centers is mandatory, and unexcused absences will be penalized with a two percent deduction for classes meeting once a week, and a 1% deduction for twice-weekly classes, from the student’s final course grade, per absence.

It is also a condition of being granted permission to enter the UK in order to study that you observe the conditions of your visa, for example studying full-time and maintaining good attendance. In certain circumstances NYU London is legally obliged to report failure to observe the conditions of your visa to the relevant government authorities.

Medical absences

If you are unable to attend a class due to ill-health, you must provide details of your illness and class(es) missed to NYUL staff using the online Absence Form ON THE DAY of your absence. Excused absences for medical reasons will not be considered after this point. Please email nyul.academics@nyu.edu with any questions relating to this.

Please do not use the form to report a medical emergency or to request urgent assistance. In a medical emergency call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Non-medical absences

If you would like to request missing class for an unavoidable, non-medical reason, you must download and complete the non-medical absence form (PDF, 100kb) and email it to nyul.academics@nyu.edu. The form must be filled out at least SEVEN DAYS PRIOR to the date(s) in question, and it must be approved by Academics staff in order to be excused. Requests will not be considered retrospectively.

Examples of valid non-medical reasons are as follows: religious holiday; family wedding; scholarship competition; NYU-sponsored event; family emergency. If in doubt please speak to a member of the Academics staff or email nyul.academics@nyu.edu.

NYU London subscribes to the NYU University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays. Students observing a religious holiday during regularly scheduled class time are entitled to miss class without any penalty to their grade. This is for the holiday only and does not include the days of travel that may come before and/or after the holiday.

Further information on absences

· Students should NOT approach their class instructor for an excused absence. However, students should contact their class instructor to catch up on missed work.

· If we notice that you have multiple absences you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with a member of staff. You may be required to provide documentation relating to any further absences from class before these may be excused.

· NYU London expects students to arrive promptly (both at the beginning and after any breaks) and to remain for the duration of the class. If timely attendance becomes a problem it is the prerogative of each instructor to deduct a mark or marks from the final grade for each late arrival and early departure.

· For classes involving a field trip or other external visit, transportation difficulties are never grounds for an excused absence. It is your responsibility to arrive at an agreed meeting point in a timely fashion.

· If you are travelling on a weekend, or during the break, you must plan to return to London the day prior to your next class. No unexcused absences will be given to students who miss class on the same day that they return from a trip, even when this is due to circumstances outside of the student’s control (such as a delayed flight).

Final exam period and departure from the programme

Unexcused absences from exams are not permitted and will result in failure of the exam. You will be asked to provide supporting documentation if you miss an examination and will need to make it up.

Please do not make plans during the exam period until you know the exact times of your exams. Exams may not be held during regularly scheduled class meeting times.

Final examinations MUST be taken at their scheduled time. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to take an exam before or after other students in the class. Students may not leave the programme before sitting their final exams and/or before all course work has been submitted.