Global Academic Policy

Work submitted for your classes must be original, meaning that the piece of work you are submitting was written by you, in response to the prompt from the class, and has no appear anywhere, in any form, for any purpose previously.

The full NYU policy on academic integrity can be viewed here.

NYU London Policy on Paper Submission

All students must submit an electronic copy of each piece of their written work via NYU Brightspace, where it will be checked using Turnitin. You should also hand in a printed copy to your professor. Late submission of work rules apply to both the paper and electronic submission (see below).

Penalties for plagiarism

Should plagiarism be detected in your work, you will be asked in to the Academic Office to discuss the matter.  The penalty for plagiarism is usually an F on the assignment and a requirement that the assignment be rewritten and resubmitted.  In some cases the penalty may be failure in the course as a whole.  In more serious or repeated cases, the student may be suspended or expelled from the NYU London Programme.  In all cases, a report will be sent to the student’s Dean at NYU or, in cases of non-NYU students, to the student’s home institution.


Grade calculation

NYU London uses the following scale of numerical equivalents to letter grades:

F=below 65

Where no specific numerical equivalent is assigned to a letter grade by the class teacher, the mid point of the range will be used in calculating the final class grade (except in the A range, where 95.5 will be used). 

NYU London has grading standards similar to those that prevail at Washington Square.  Stern courses have additional guidelines.

Disputing Grades

In the first instance you should contact the professor responsible for the grade and ask for an explanation. Please keep in mind that your own assessment of your work or effort is not considered to be equal to that of his/her professor: we encourage you to learn from your mistakes, and to listen and consider feedback carefully, for your own improvement. 

However, in the unusual circumstance that you believe there has been an error in the grading for a class, you should contact the Assistant Director for Academics.  If you dispute a grade, you should return the disputed piece of work to the Assistant Director for Academics with a paragraph, written by yourself, explaining why you think the grade is inaccurate or unfair. Grade disputes will not be considered without this written statement by the student.  You must substantiate your claim or your grade dispute will not be considered. 

The Assistant Director for Academics may consult with any person they deem to be appropriate including the Dean of your School at NYU. All details will then be passed to the Site Director for a final judgment. This will serve as the final appeal.  Your grade may be adjusted in either direction after review. A student must contest a grade within the first month of the grade being published online on Albert.

Late Work

Written work due in class must be submitted during the class time to the professor. Please also submit any late essays to Turnitin via NYU Brightspace.

Work submitted within 5 weekdays after the submission time without an agreed extension receives a penalty of 10 points on the 100 point scale.

At the lecturers’ discretion, written work submitted more than 5 weekdays after the submission date without an agreed extension may fail and be given a zero.