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QAA Validation

NYU London is delighted to announce that its programmes were reviewed by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA – during Spring semester 2016 and received a successful judgement and validation.  The review was conducted as The Higher Education Review (Foreign Providers) over the course of six months, including a two day on-site panel visit when reviews met with students, faculty and staff.

Judgements were made on the quality of student learning opportunities; the quality of information about learning opportunities; and the enhancement of student learning opportunities – all of these were deemed as meeting UK expectations.

Commentaries were also provided on for the site’s Management of Academic Standards and its work relating to Student Employability.  The reviewers concluded that NYU London satisfactorily manages its responsibilities for academic standards and that it “takes imaginative steps to develop and improve the employability skills of its undergraduate students”, whilst “its graduate programme is intrinsically professionally relevant”.

NYU London was especially delighted to receive commendations for good practice in the following areas:

  1. Auditioning and selection procedures for NYU London's Tisch students are meticulous, constructive and systematically matched against conservatoire programme requirements
  2. Internships are carefully and thoughtfully managed, and offer students a work experience that is aligned with their academic studies, and which they greatly value
  3. The extensive and effective academic and personal support provided by staff and appointed student officers assures and enhances the student experience

The full report is available for reading or downloading at

As part of the review process, NYU London has now produced an Action Plan which illustrates how it will seek to build on good practice, make further improvements to the programmes and address the recommendation made in the report. You can view the Action Plan here.