Fall 2020 Service Updates: Updated January 4, 2021

All services are suspended for winter break. Services will resume Thursday, January 28, at 7 a.m.

Please visit our COVID-19 Transportation page for more details on our enhanced cleaning and new passenger requirements.

Service Overview

Safe Ride vans provide overnight service. Safe Ride is an on-demand, shared ride service which is available for transportation to and from NYU facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and to three local mass transit stations during the academic term from midnight to 7 a.m.

Requesting Service:

If you require transportation during these hours, please use the Safe NYU Mobile App (available via your smartphone's app store) or call the Department of Public Safety at (212) 998-RIDE (7433). You can also request a ride via your computer by using the Safe Ride web portal. A van operated by Academy Bus will be dispatched to transport you.

Using the Safe NYU mobile app will provide the following enhancements:

  • Better communication: Riders will now be able to track the estimated arrival time of the vehicle assigned to pick them up.
  • Reduced Wait Time: Ride requests will be better assigned based on several factor (origin, destination, demand, vehicles in service, traffic, et al.).
  • Reduced transit time: Travel routes will be selected based on current traffic conditions and reports, leading to a reduction in travel time.

Need help using the app? Check out our step by step guide on requesting a ride!

Safe NYU Mobile App Download:

Download the Safe NYU app to be able to request a Safe Ride during operating hours.