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Using the new NYU Traveler

When you register a trip, NYU's Department of Campus Safety can reach out to help you in case of an emergency at your destination. Before you go, we can alert you when weather or labor strikes might disrupt your itinerary. While you are away, we can establish contact when a local incident might impact you. Share your plans on NYU Traveler so our team can connect with you in critical moments.

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How to Register Your Travel

The new NYU Traveler is easier to use than ever: registering is easy as 1, 2, or 3.

1. If you booked your trip through Travel and Expense (powered by SAP Concur) or Nirvana (NYU Abu Dhabi), you’re all set — registration in NYU Traveler is automatic!

2. If you booked your travel anywhere else, just forward your confirmation email to (refer to our tips on the right side of the screen).

3. If you prefer to enter your trip manually, you can submit your itinerary online.

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For Students, Faculty, and Staff


Register all trips during the academic year, including study away, travel for conferences, and travel plans with friends unrelated to class. Register your trip to a study away global site — for example, your flight to Madrid at the start of the semester — as well as weekend travel to other cities during your semester abroad.

Faculty & Staff

Register university-related travel, including conferences, research trips, and travel to our global sites (unless your travel administrator has booked the trip and completed registration).

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Helping you to safely navigate the world.

Country Info

Including currency tips, transportation overview, and cultural norms

Safety Report

Delivered the day before departure, as applicable, highlighting travel warnings

Proactive Alerts

Email alerts during your trip in case of local incidents


If we become aware of local unrest, we may attempt to establish contact and provide support

Weather Alerts

We’ll email if weather events could disrupt your itinerary

Easy to Use

NYU Traveler was redesigned in 2019, so it is now easier than ever to use

Your Privacy

NYU Traveler is part of the university’s emergency response services; our goal is to prepare travelers, to provide assistance promptly when we can, and to help the NYU community safely navigate the world.

When you register a trip, details are private and confidential. You will receive safety and weather alerts from our automated system, which tracks developments around the world. The platform alerts our dedicated Public Safety team when incidents occur where community members may be present. Only in these cases, and depending on the scale and severity, a Public Safety administrator reviews your travel information and attempts to establish contact to check in on your safety.