Travel Pre-authorization: Travel to certain countries now requires pre-approval from our insurance/travel safety provider. Please see the most current list of countries please check frequently when planning travel as the list may change. 

2021-2022 Travel Policy

Only travelers who are fully compliant with the University’s vaccination requirement will be considered for reimbursement under the NYU Travel and Expense Policy.

All travel must be compliant under both the University's Travel and Expense Policy and its Health and Safety requirements.

Booking with Egencia

The preferred online booking tool for NYU is Egencia. Only NYU Net ID holders are eligible for direct access to Egencia. You can also call a travel consultant at Egencia via the toll free number +1-877-613-4284.

When booking through Egencia, your travel plans will be automatically registered in the registration tool. The registration tool provides up-to-the-minute information of potential threats to your safety during your travels. It also enables NYU Department of Campus Safety to render aid in the event of an emergency.

Please see Egencia's Promise for trip and ticket policy for the online booking tool. 

Book by Phone


Guest Bookings

If you are a Net ID holder, you may book travel for a non-NYU Net ID holder (i.e.: spouse, partner, guest speaker) through Egencia.

The new Guest Booking functionality will be live March 29th 2023, and the old guest account feature will be unavailable after March 28th.

Any guest account profile with a confirmed trip on March 29th, 2023 will remain on the site and be deleted after the trip is completed. All guest accounts without active trips be automatically deleted on March 29th, 2023.

For more information on gaining access to Guest Bookings, please contact the NYU Global Travel Team at

Contact the Global Travel Team


Egencia Mobile App

Please follow the link to read more about Egencia's TripNavigator smartphone application, and feel free to reach out to the NYU Global Travel Team to inquire on how to be set up with the application's login credentials.

Registration Questions

Have questions about the trip registration tool or are you experiencing any technical difficulties?

Travel Insurance

Click here to learn about health care considerations and coverage when traveling globally.

Visit to register and download a membership card. This will allow you to validate your coverage globally.
Group Access code - QHG99999NYU2

If you have further questions, please reach out to the Risk Management team

Travel Questions

Have questions about travel booking, travel arranging, NYU preferred suppliers, or student group travel?

Looking to plan an event and need guidance?

Visit NYU's Event Management

Please review the revised NYU Event and Venue policy  

Contact the Global Travel Team