Abandoned Bikes

To report an abandoned bike on NYU property, please complete a work request form. Please refer to the NYU 24-hour bike parking sign or consult the bike parking map to determine whether or not the bike is on NYU property before submitting a request for removal.

Contact NYC311 to report an abandoned bike on non-NYU property.

NYU Residential Bicycle Removal Protocol

The following protocol is intended to create a consistent and transparent bicycle storage policy as part of a University effort to address the needs of cyclists. It can be used by any student residences with shared bicycle racks in common areas.


Residence Hall bicycle storage locations should have reference signage clearly denoting the terms of usage for residents and visitors of that location. These signs will include information on periods and duration of time during which a bicycle may remain at the location without removal.

Spring and Summer Removal Dates:

On April 15th and June 15th—at the end of spring and summer academic semesters—“bicycle rack clearance warnings” are placed in prominent locations throughout the building and near all public bicycle racks or parking areas.

These notices will alert residents that after the move-out date for the residence hall all bicycles left on the rack will be presumed abandoned and will be tagged with a “Bicycle Subject To Removal Tag”. Bicycles tagged with a “bicycle removal tag” will be removed for recycling or donation.

Removal Throughout the Year:

In cases where racks become chronically overcrowded and/or there are complaints, bikes are tagged during the semester that are clearly inoperative or that appear to be abandoned.

In these situations the owners of tagged bikes have 21 days to contact their resource center before the bicycle will be removed.