Bicycling is a convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly and fun way to get around NYU and NYC. Whether you're a lifelong cycling commuter, a weekend recreational rider, or have never been on a bike in your life but are excited to get out there, there are important tips to be aware before you ride. These web pages provide information on how to get a bike, how to ride safely, how to prevent bike theft and more!

Happy Biketober! Ride into fall

Biketober 2021

Fall is a great time to bike in NYC. Come along for the ride by signing up for a group bike ride, exploring the city on a self-guided route, and making the most of NYU resources and discount programs.


Get a Bike

Citi Bike is available around all NYU locations and in many parts of the City. By becoming an NYU Federal Credit Union member, you can get a discounted Citi Bike membership for $5/month, plus a $10 joining fee.

Check out more info on where to get a bike in New York City.

Biking in NYC

Getting from place to place on a bike in NYC can be exciting—and dangerous. Like the cars, buses and taxis on the road, you are a moving vehicle too.

Learn how to ride safely around NYC with some tips.
Learn the rules of the road for cyclists and New York City and State traffic laws.


bike lock

Storing Your Bike

Keeping your bike secure and out of the elements is key to keeping it long term.

Learn about where and how to store your bike and tips for preventing theft.

Getting Around

Knowing the best streets for biking is key to navigating the city safely and quickly on a bike.

Learn some of the ways to get around the city.

Getting Around

Electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards

Generally, these types of devices are allowed in NYC and should follow the same protocols as bicycles, but they are prohibited in residence halls.