NYU is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the thousands of events hosted every year. The Kimmel Center alone hosts 70,000 meetings, 7,000 of which are catered. This standard includes actions that reduce waste and improve the food and beverage service at events through minimizing single-use and landfill-bound materials; opting for more reusable, long-lasting, or sustainably produced goods; increasing recycling and composting rates; and offering healthier and lower-impact food options.

The Green Events Standard applies to:

  • all administrative offices, units, and school departments using NYU funds towards on-campus events.
  • banquets, ceremonies, concerts and performances, conferences, resource fairs, galas, lectures and panels, luncheons, orientations, parties, receptions, seminars, workshops, and meetings of internal and/or external participants with over 48 expected attendees.
  • the Student Government Assembly (SGA).

This standard does not apply to:

  • student groups, clubs, or organizations, with the exception of the SGA.
  • NYU Langone Health or locations outside of New York City.

The Green Events Checklist includes directives for event planners to meet a minimum threshold for sustainable event planning, though we encourage event planners to exceed this minimum wherever possible.

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