There are many ways to get involved in sustainability outside of the classroom. Explore student government committees, student clubs, and school-specific groups to find your community.



  • Alliance for Environmental and Social Justice - focuses on the complex interactions of environmental and social justice, and explicitly includes non-human beings and nature in an ecocentric approach to justice.
  • Animal Welfare Collective - bring awareness to and advocate for animal rights.
  • Citizens' Climate Lobby - connect over shared concerns, build consensus, and work with elected officials from every party towards climate solutions.
  • Community Agriculture Project - educating on urban agriculture and tending to the community garden in Washington Square Village.
  • EarthMatters - NYU's premier campus-wide environmental club.
  • Future Fashion Group - raising awareness and brodening the discussion around the social and environmental consequences of the maintain fashion industry.
  • Journal of Sustainability - educating all of NYU’s students to live and advocate for a more sustainable future through publishing students’ opinions on current environmental events, campaigns, studies, or other sustainable subjects.
  • New York Water Environment Association at NYU - increasing opportunities for young professionals and serving as a bridge for students to learn about the water environment industry.
  • Nutrition Without Borders - Work to increase student involvement in domestic and global nutrition issues through advocacy, research, volunteering, and outreach.
  • SproutUp - providing free, youth-led environmental education program to 1st and 2nd grade students in NYC.
  • Sunrise Movement NYU - connecting NYU students to NYC-wide social and climate justice actions and fighting for environmental justice within NYU.
  • Two Birds One Stone - delivering hot, edible food that is leftover from NYU dining halls to homeless shelters around NYC.