The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. While NYU's vehicle fleet and shuttles in New York City only account for 0.6 percent of our onsite emissions, we are working towards reducing our community's overall transportation footprint through removing obstacles that limit biking and reducing NYU-sponsored air travel when lower-carbon options are feasible.

The Transportation Survey gathered information from over 16,500 respondents about how the NYU community gets to, from, and around NYU’s New York City locations.

The survey was crucial to learning and understanding commute patterns. As a result, the Office of Sustainability will lead efforts to increase safe and accessible cycling; assist in publicizing NYU transit programs and resources; and explore policies that reduce NYU-sponsored flying, especially within the Northeast Corridor.


increase in biking since 2009


of all commutes include public or self-powered modes of transportation


of flights are within Eastern North America


Bicycling can be a convenient, healthy, and sustainable way for many people to get around NYU and New York City. Explore resources and discount programs:

Electric Vehicles

NYU has four electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the Washington Square Village Garage that are open to the public. For more information visit Chargepoint.

Air travel

If you are considering traveling on University business, review the flow chart below to determine if the benefits of the trip justify the time, expense, and environmental impact. Could you meet your goals by teleconferencing or opting for a cost-effective, convenient, and low-carbon alternative to air travel?

Flow chart. See expandable for long description.