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Global food systems account for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. NYU Dining is committed to fostering and promoting sustainability through its business practices, menu offerings, and dining operations.

Cool Food Pledge

New York University is a signatory to the Cool Food Pledge, a commitment to reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030.

This pledge encompasses all dining facilities at NYU’s campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi, collectively accounting for over 20 NYU-run dining facilities around the world. Additionally, NYU joins over 30 other global organizations serving over 800 million meals annually.

To accomplish this, NYU has incorporated the EAT-Lancet and Menus of Change frameworks into its dining principles, emphasizing a variety of sustainability objectives. All residential NYU dining locations are also Green Restaurant Association certified, which holds them accountable for meeting additional sustainability measures related to water, waste, energy, and more. These efforts include:

  • Featuring daily menus that have vegetarian & vegan entrees that are healthy, protein-rich, and wellness-oriented.
  • Offering vegan options wherever dairy products are offered. Currently all retail locations have vegan ice creams, and all residential locations have vegan desserts at their sweet shoppe counters.
  • Serving Beyond or other vegan burgers at every grill location.
  • Bringing educational programs to teach students how to make delicious, healthy, planet-friendly choices, and how to cook these things for themselves.
Learn more by reading our press release.