NYU is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. In order to achieve that goal, we must aggressively reduce energy consumption in our buildings.

Exterior of Gallatin building at 10 Washington Place

Old, drafty buildings that waste energy also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Our efforts to green our buildings and lower carbon emissions have significant health benefits. In fact, medical studies show that cognitive function doubles in offices with better indoor air quality. Therefore, our students, faculty, and administrators perform better--academically and professionally--when their indoor environment is more comfortable and has cleaner air.


over 90% of NYU's energy consumption

is building related

60% of NYU's buildings

are 50 years or older

101% increase in cognitive function

in green buildings*


NYU employs strategies to reduce energy in academic and office buildings through conservation, efficiency methods, and on-site power generation.

NYU’s energy-saving strategies include standards for green construction and renovations; large-scale retrofits; operational innovations through building management systems, advanced controls, active monitoring, and operator trainings; and upgrades and expansions to the CoGeneration plant that minimize the use of fuel oil for heat.


Over 2.1 million square feet

of LEED certified space

We have committed resources to ensure that every significant construction project NYU undertakes will be LEED certified, targeting Silver certification as a minimum.

Exterior side angle view of the Global Center for Spiritial Life

Wilf Hall - 133 MacDougal Street
GCASL - 58 Washington Square South
NYU Brooklyn - 370 Jay Street  
Exterior view of NYU DC building

Gallatin - 1 Washington Place
NYU-DC - 1307 L Street NW
244 Greene Street
John A. Paulson Center - 181 Mercer
24 Waverly Place (Floors 3-6)
Students walking up and down the stairs in the Stern buildings

Stern Concourse
22 Washington Square North
Washington Mews 7, 8, 14a
Nursing/Dentistry - 433 First Avenue
Brittany Hall - 55 E 10th Street
East Building - 239 Greene Street
Bobst KARMS - 70 Wash Sq S 10th Fl
UDAR - 115 5th Ave 
Flatbush Ave where the NYU Dentistry location at City Point is located

NYU Dentistry Brooklyn - 445 Albee Sq