Educating for Sustainability is the Office of Sustainability's semi-annual lecture series that invites environmental scholars and leaders to address the NYU community.

The 2018 Fall Educating for Sustainability is in partnership with the NYU Leadership Initiative and the Department of Environmental Studies.

Rodrigo Zeidan

Pragmatic Actions and Policies for Sustainability with Rodrigo Zeidan

Sustainability is a process, not a goal in itself. In this lecture we will explore the importance of detailed designing and monitoring to improve social and environmental outcomes. In many dimensions we recognize the main obstacles and what we want to achieve, but the question remains: how do we get there? We will focus on the role of research and teaching in improving the process for sustainable solutions.

October 9, 2018 | 6:00pm
Location: Kimball Hall, 246 Greene Street

Free and Open to the Public | Refreshments will be served

Rodrigo Zeidan is Associate Professor of Practice of Business and Finance at New York University Shanghai, Senior Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern, and Visiting Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and Copenhagen Business School. Professor Zeidan is the author of Economics of Global Business (MIT Press) and Tariff reduction on renewables inputs for European decarbonization (Nature Sustainability). He is a columnist at Folha de S. Paulo, the largest Brazilian newspaper, and he has written extensively for international media outlets, including the New York Times, World Economic Forum, Bloomberg and Americas Quarterly.  His research has also appeared in the Journal of Corporate Finance, Energy Economics, Harvard Business Review, International Journal of Production Economics and Journal of Business Ethics. Rodrigo's more recent research focuses on Sustainable Finance, alongside issues in Corporate Finance and Industrial Economics.


Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Photo Credit: Violetta Markelou, 2015

The Future of Ocean Conservation with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

April 3, 2018 | 6:00pm
Dr. Johnson will present a vision for how to achieve a healthy ocean for all, through zoning, cities, triage, and inclusion.

Peterson Toscano

A Queer Response to Climate Change—What Would Walt Whitman Do?

October 11, 2017 | 6:30pm
Comic storyteller and LGBTQ activist Peterson Toscano takes on the biggest issue of them all–global warming–and does so with humor, heart, and hope.

Robin Nagle & Dr. Cassandra Thiel

What We Waste with Robin Nagle & Dr. Cassandra Thiel

April 6, 2017  | 6:30pm
A conversation about waste in the urban environment and healthcare field.  

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein, Author of "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate"

September 30, 2016  | 6:00pm
An evening with award-winning journalist, columnist and international bestselling author of "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate," that addresses the harmful role capitalism plays in the global climate crisis.