At this time the Green Grants program will be operating in a limited capacity. If you have an idea for a project, please reach out to before completing an expression of interest or application form.


NYU Green Grants are awarded to improve the university's operational environmental performance, foster environmental literacy and community engagement, advance applied research and design, expand sustainability learning opportunities, and demonstrate the viability of best practices and technologies for sustainability. The Green Grants Selection Committee awards up to $20,000 for the most feasible, impactful, and innovative projects that have potential for institutionalization or are self-sustaining.


Podcast interview in session

The Multispecies Worldbuilding Lab is a podcast series that brings together humanities scholars, artists, natural and social scientists to describe their research about various species that are being affected by climate change and engages them in conversation about re-imagining everyday methods of collaborative survival.

Student refilling stainless steel cup

Toward The Phase-Out of Single-Use Plastic Bottled Drinking Water at NYU Shanghai aims to encourage consumption of tap water through educational outreach and a procurement ban on disposable water bottles following the installation of a water filtration system in the dining hall and café.

Solar panel setup

The Solar Powered Media Project is a research and design project that will investigate the environmental impacts of online media content and the associated network infrastructure, redesign the Integrated Digital Media Program website, and publish its findings online in a free curriculum module.



What kinds of projects are eligible to receive a Green Grant?

Green Grants are up to $20,000 and awarded to projects that seek to advance campus sustainability initiatives or enact social-entrepreneurial ventures. Green Grant projects should explore one or more of the following categories:

  • Operations: Projects that pilot innovative ways to improve the material, physical, or infrastructural elements at NYU.
  • Engagement: Projects that foster a campus culture of sustainability.
  • Research and Design: Projects that can be integrated within the university campus or community through use of NYU as a testbed for data collection, or by producing deliverables with potential to catalyze operational, academic or cultural change at NYU. These projects include entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Academic: Projects that improve NYU's capacity for educating about sustainability, including curricular initiatives.

Who can apply for a Green Grant?

Current NYU students, faculty, and staff at any of NYU's global sites may apply as project leaders for a Green Grant. Alumni, community organizations, and interested neighbors are permitted and encouraged to collaborate as members of project teams.

How do I apply for a Green Grant?

Please review our Green Grants Guidelines for detailed instructions.

We recommend that you first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form so that NYU's Office of Sustainability can help you develop a formal proposal for funding. 

After receiving feedback on your EOI, fill out the Green Grants Proposal Form (.DOC: 46 KB) and email it to before the next deadline.  

When are the Green Grant proposal deadlines?

At this time the Green Grants program will be operating in a limited capacity. If you have an idea for a project, pleease reach out to