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NYU is rich with opportunities to learn, conduct research, and immerse yourself in sustainability education.

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  • Climate Action Plan - Read up on NYU’s progress toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Events - Attend a sustainability event and participate in annual traditions.


Live NYUGreen

At NYU and in New York City, there are many opportunities to adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By taking these actions you’ll not only help NYU meet its sustainability goals, but promote wellness, build community, and save money, too.

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  • Get moving - Stroll through one of NYU’s green spaces, explore the city by bike, and consider taking the stairs if you can to alleviate elevator congestion. These are all sustainability measures that also improve your physical and mental health.
  • Eat well - NYU Eats is committed to serving food that is good for you and the environment. By signing the Cool Food Pledge, NYU will reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2030, which means you get healthier, more plant-based meals from dining facilities across the New York, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi campuses.
  • Clean green - Traditional cleansers are toxic for the environment and health. Swap for greener alternatives.

Reduce waste

  • Buy used - Shop second-hand at thrift stores and check out Facebook groups like NYU Buying/Selling.
  • Donate - Make sure to donate your unwanted items when you’re moving out, or as a regular practice.
  • Reuse - Take a reusable bottle, bag, and utensils with you on the go! NYUGreen bags and utensils are regularly available at Office of Sustainability events and programs, and through social media.
  • Compost - Avoid food waste and bring your food scraps to a local drop-off site to an NYU compost bin in a dining hall or Kimmel.
  • Recycle - Make sure to recycle and recycle properly, consulting bin signage and the waste website.

Save energy

  • Power down - turn off lights and power down electronics when they are not in use.
  • Be efficient - use an energy efficient LED bulb in your residence and purchase Energy Star or EPEAT registered electronics.
  • Wash cold - do your laundry on the cold setting.

After NYU

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  • Graduate Green - Graduating students can commit to sustainability in their post-NYU lives and workplaces.
  • Stay in touch - We love to invite alumni working in sustainability industries to participate in events and speak with current students. Stay subscribed to our mailing list.