ACTION: Turn off equipment in empty offices
NYU IT intends to introduce new managed workstation software to all IT-managed computers in Spring 2019. This will be the first step towards a larger initiative of powering down office IT equipment when not in use.

ACTION: Procure green electronics
Starting in Spring 2019, Procurement and IT will work together to identify energy efficiency and sustainability standards for NYU IT equipment.

ACTION: Measure greenhouse gas emissions across NYU’s global network
Beginning in 2019, the Office of Sustainability will perform a Greenhouse Gas Inventory that is inclusive of the Global Network and Scope 3 emissions, where possible.

ACTION: Formalize acceptable building temperature ranges
Beginning in Spring 2019, Facilities & Construction Management will work toward defining a standard for building space temperatures and humidities.


ACTION: Engage prospective, incoming, and current students
The Office of Sustainability now works with Admissions to ensure prospective students are aware of NYU’s sustainability efforts. Beginning Fall 2019, Student Affairs will begin making sustainability more present in everyday student life by incorporating information on sustainability practices into Welcome Week programs and by integrating the Office of Sustainability’s EcoReps program into Hall Council. The Office of the Provost will engage Faculty Fellows in Residence about programming opportunities.

ACTION: Share sustainability resources with new faculty
Beginning Fall 2019, sustainability will be included in the orientation materials and presentations for new faculty to provide an overview of NYU's sustainability efforts and opportunities for faculty engagement.

ACTION: Invest in administrator professional development
Beginning in 2020, Human Resources will incorporate sustainability classes and topics into staff professional development.

ACTION: Making a (sustainable) difference award
In 2020, NYU plans to add a sustainability award/category to the Making a Difference Award.

COMPLETED: Include sustainability information as part of employee onboarding
As of 2019, information about NYU sustainability practices and goals is now included in the materials given to all new employees.

COMPLETED: Strategize to engage broader NYU community
University Relations and Public Affairs and the Office of Sustainability have adopted a Communications Strategic Plan to better engage key audiences

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ACTION: Stop spending NYU money on single-use water bottles
After 2019 no NYU funds will be used on campus to purchase five gallon or single-use water bottles.

ACTION: Reduce waste from coffee
Beginning immediately, Procurement will enroll purchasers of K-Cup products in the Grounds to Grow On program and end users will collect the waste for composting. “Beans to cup” machines may be available upon special arrangement with Procurement.

ACTION: Automatically purchase eco-friendly products where possible
Starting in Spring 2019, Procurement will make eco-friendly options, where affordable, the default for the most commonly purchased office supplies.

IN PROGRESS: Make campus events sustainable
The Kimmel Center will now provide reusable and compostable dishware for events at no extra charge.

IN PROGRESS: Incorporate sustainability into dining & catering contract
Sustainability goals and metrics are being incorporated into NYU’s current, ongoing process for procuring dining and catering services.

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ACTION: Collaborate on sustainability teaching and research across schools
In 2019, the Office of Sustainability will begin to organize a standing, cross-school sustainability committee led by Deans. The committee may address items of teaching, research, collaboration, events, communications, or any other relevant topics.

ACTION: Help students find NYU sustainability-related content
In 2019, the Office of Sustainability will develop an online portal with information about sustainability courses, programs, and events, as well as Office of Sustainability programs and key sustainability performance indicators. In addition, beginning in 2021, the Registrar’s Office will begin tagging sustainability-related courses in Albert.

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ACTION: Reduce emissions from NYU vehicles
In 2019, Public Safety will work towards the goal of an all-electric fleet for shuttles and Public Safety vehicles.

ACTION: Assess commuting patterns
In 2019, NYU will perform a transportation and commuting survey for the NYC campuses to understand the commuting patterns of the NYU Community. This survey will help NYU understand what facilities, infrastructure and programs are needed to encourage more sustainable and healthy mobility choices.