NYU's Commitment to Sustainability 

NYU is committed to responsible stewardship of environmental resources, prioritizing sustainability in decision-making, and setting a powerful example of leadership on climate change and other environmental issues.

At NYU we strive to:

  • Conserve natural resources and minimize our environmental impact, including by:
    • Achieving ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions;
    • Considering environmental and social costs and benefits when planning and making decisions;
    • Promoting a safe and healthy campus environment for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community;
    • Using sustainable materials, energy sources, and practices in building projects, transportation, and campus operations, where possible; and 
    • Purchasing environmentally preferable products, minimizing waste generation and the use of toxic substances, and handling waste responsibly.
  • Encourage sustainability principles and practices throughout our teaching, learning, and research activities, including by:
    • Supporting research on environmental challenges and developing sustainable technology, practices, and innovative solutions to these challenges;
    • Minimizing the environmental impacts of research and teaching;
    • Enabling students to learn about sustainability issues and solutions, both in and out of the classroom; and
    • Supporting faculty in developing courses and curricula in response to student interest in sustainability-focused academic programs.
  • Expand the scope of impact through community engagement and public policy and leadership initiatives, including by:
    • Practicing sustainability in a holistic fashion that takes equity, justice, and other social issues into account, empowering future leaders;
    • Using NYU’s practices as opportunities to increase sustainability awareness and engagement among its community;
    • Sharing NYU’s experience and knowledge with the public, other institutions, and governments for the benefit of sustainability beyond campus, and
    • Taking a leadership role at local, regional, national, and international levels to help improve future sustainable outcomes for all.

This commitment was developed by the NYU Sustainability Advisory Group and endorsed on February 15, 2023, by President Andrew Hamilton, Provost Georgina Dopico, and Executive Vice President Martin Dorph.