Find your people. Find your resources. Find your way.

NYU Connect is designed to connect you with the people and resources that will help you thrive at NYU.

Harnessing the power of collaboration and communication, NYU Connect is your go-to gateway to: 

  • Schedule meetings with people in your Success Network, such as your advisor and other student support areas.
  • Discover NYU’s many services, including how and where to reach them.
  • Get your pressing questions answered without having to know who to call or ask.
  • Learn right away if your professor has a concern, an opportunity to share, or advice about how to stay on track.
  • Receive support when there are opportunities for improvement.
  • Track and celebrate your success.

Student User Guides

Find Your People
  • Success Network
  • Scheduling
Find Your Resources
  • My Services 
  • Connect Me
  • Courses
Find Your Way
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Flags, Kudos, and Referrals received via NYU Connect are simply notifications and do not indicate grades. If you receive a Flag or a Referral, you are strongly encouraged to take action early and speak with your instructor and/or advisor. If you receive a Kudos, celebrate your success!

NYU Connect v. Albert v. NYU Classes: When Do I Use Which?

NYU Connect

  • Schedule appointments with advisors and other support areas.
  • Search services and people in your Success Network. 
  • Get answers to questions using “Connect Me."
  • Learn right away if someone has a concern, opportunity to share, or advice on staying on track academically.


  • View your official NYU academic record.
  • Search class schedules.
  • Register for classes.
  • Check midterm/final grades as soon as they are posted.
  • Request transcripts and verification letters.

NYU Classes

  • Access course materials from your professor.
  • Collaborate with others in your class.
  • Engage with and submit interactive assessments and assignments.
  • Track progress of your performance on assignments.

For help using NYU Connect, please contact

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