With NYU Connect, faculty can:

  • Send a Kudos to students who should be recognized for their performance in the classroom, on their assignments, or in extra-curriculars.
  • Raise a Flag to inform a student’s network, including academic advisor(s), when a student needs support (i.e. academic issues, attendance concerns, low grades).
  • Receive follow-up communications from advisors and other support providers when a concern has been addressed, so you can be sure your students are receiving the help they need.
  • Share timely feedback through Progress Surveys in select schools and courses.

Currently, NYU Connect is available for New York-based undergraduate students across all schools.


We’re here for you! For help using NYU Connect, reach out to us at nyuconnect@nyu.edu.

NYU Connect and the information contained within are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA). Learn more about FERPA.

If your concern is related to a student's health, mental health, or safety please contact the Wellness Exchange 24/7 at (212) 443-9999. There are additional health and wellness resources available through the Wellness Exchange website.