As you speak with different NYU staff, you may be concerned about what information will be kept confidential. Licensed health professionals — such as medical and mental health providers in the Student Health Center, Crisis Response Counselors at the Wellness Exchange, and Counseling and Wellness Services counselors and psychologists — have the legal privilege of keeping your information confidential by not sharing it with anyone else without your permission, subject to certain exceptions provided by law that are discussed briefly below. This privilege also is extended to ordained clergy, including those in the Office for Global Spiritual Life.

It is important to understand that privacy and confidentiality have distinct meanings. Privacy generally means that information related to a report of misconduct will be shared only with a limited circle of individuals who "need to know" in order to assist in the investigation, resolution, and related issues. Information that you share with NYU staff such as RAs, coaches, residence hall directors, and Campus Safety officers will need to be shared with NYU's Title IX Coordinator.

For example, if you choose to share an experience of a sexual assault or relationship violence with your RA, it will be shared with your RA's supervisor and with NYU's Title IX Coordinator and other administrators who are involved in NYU's response to such matters.

NYU may be required to investigate instances of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, and stalking occurring within the NYU community with the goal of protecting and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of you and our entire community.

It is also important that you understand there are certain times when, even if you are speaking with a licensed healthcare provider, some of the information you discuss might not be kept confidential. This could happen when there is concern for the health and safety of people in the NYU community — including you — or when required by law or court order.

Particular laws guide all professionals and staff at NYU regarding how to approach confidentiality and privacy. For more information about confidentiality and privacy, please consult NYU's Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy.

Call the Wellness Exchange Hotline at (212) 443-9999 or chat via the app anytime and ask for a Crisis Response Counselor (CRC). They can talk through your medical, mental health, and legal options and meet with you in person. Available 24 hours a day, every day.