Research and Laboratory Safety (RLS) provides in-person and annual refresher training to NYU Students, Staff and Faculty, as required by local, state or federal law. Below is a list of scheduled in-person training sessions. Descriptions of the training follows the listing.

NOTE: RLS has cancelled the scheduled in-person training until further notice. Until that time, Introduction to Lab Safety, Hazardous Waste, Bloodborne Pathogens, and IATA Shipping training is available online through Zoom session and the BioRAFT platform.

Each introduction course is valid for 1 year. The "annual refresher" course is taken through BioRAFT every year after the expiration of the introduction course. 

NOTE: When completing a training course in BioRAFT, exit the course through the upper right hand exit button, and select the NEXT button on the orginal screen. In order for BioRAFT to document the training as completed, the NEXT button must be selected.

Please review the "Next Button Quick Guide" (PDF: 456 KB) before completing a course. 

Please email RLS should you have any questions.

For training regarding physical hazards more information can be found on the EHS training page.