The Radiation Safety Department is based in NYU Medical School but it serves as an institutional resource for all components of New York University, and also for the NYU Hospitals Center, Bellevue Hospital Center, and VA Medical Center. The mission of the Department is to assist the NYU-related community to achieve its educational, research and clinical goals, while ensuring safety and compliance with the many regulations associated with the use of radioactive materials and machine sources of ionizing radiation. The Department negotiates and holds the various licenses and registrations which authorize the use of radiation sources at the various locations under its jurisdiction, and acts as an interface with the associated agencies. It implements a Radiation Safety Program, under the oversight of local Radiation Safety Committees for the various locations, and provides many support services.

However, if you have a specific question regarding radioactive waste at Washington Square Campus, please contact the NYU Radiation Safety Coordinator at 212-998-1420 prior to servicing or removing equipment containing sealed radiation sources (gas chromatographs, liquid scintillation counters, etc), x-ray equipment, lasers, or equipment producing non-ionizing radiation (UV radiation).


Radionuclide Data - half life, emissions, etc.

Nuclide Safety Data Sheets - safety instructions for specific radionuclides

Equipment Decontamination for Disposal

If equipment is to be disposed, please see Preparing Equipment for Service or Disposal.