Hazardous waste must be located at or near the point of generation and under the control of the person generating the waste.

To ensure safe and compliant storage, segregate incompatible materials (incompatibility charts) and store chemicals or waste in secondary containment, in accordance with EPA and FDNY requirements.


All Lab hazardous waste must be disposed of through Research and Lab Safety (RLS). RLS maintains a contract with an outside contractor for the compliant disposal of hazardous waste.

Wastes generated within the Silver Complex (Silver, Brown or Waverly buildings) should be brought to the Waste Room during regular waste room hours.

For disposal of wastes generated outside the Silver Complex call RLS to schedule a pickup from your location or complete a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request Form in SciShield.  Complete this form also if you know you have a lab cleanout coming up and will have a large volume of waste to be removed.

Waste Room Hours

Hazardous Waste can be brought to a waste room during hours of operation. All waste must be properly labeled and dated prior to bringing it to the waste room and those transporting the waste must have received the Annual Hazardous Waste Training within the previous year.  Waste shall be transported in secondary containment on a cart equipped with a spill kit.

Request a waste pick-up

To request a chemical waste collection, submit your request via SciShield.  There are two types of submissions for non-routine pick-ups: new and profiled requests

Hazardous Waste Characteristics

Hazardous Waste, as outlined by the EPA, refers to waste that displays one or more of the following hazard traits: Ignitability, Corrosivity, Reactivity, or Toxicity, or is categorized as a Listed Waste (DOC: 298KB). Any waste falling under this definition is bound by the comprehensive labeling, storage, and disposal regulations specified by the EPA for hazardous waste management.

Containers and Labels

Utilize the NYU Hazardous Waste Label (PDF: 178 KB) for all chemical waste, especially mixtures. This label is adaptable for printing directly from the website using Avery Shipping Labels #6878, or it can be downloaded, completed electronically, and then printed.

If you are disposing of pure material that is still in its original container and the manufacturer's label is intact and legible, then you do not need to complete a full NYU Hazardous Waste Label. However, you still must label the container as follows:

  • The words "Hazardous Waste",
  • The primary hazard (ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic), and
  • The date of removal to waste room (if located in the Main Complex) or the date you called to request a pick-up, if located elsewhere on campus.

Click for the Pure Product Hazardous Waste Label (PDF: 75 KB).