Upon moving or closing a lab, Research and Lab Safety (RLS) and a departmental safety coordinator require notfication. RLS must be notfied 90 days prior to, or at earliest knowledge of, the evacuation date.

All laboratory rooms, chemical storage areas, and areas where hazardous equipment or materials are used or stored need to be cleared before being vacated, whether due to a PI leaving the institution, relocating or terminating laboratory research activities, or a renovation project. The Principal Investigator (PI) and the PI’s department are responsible for ensuring that the space, including shared space, is cleared of all hazards belonging to the PI prior to the transfer to the next occupant, and that all biological, chemical and radiological materials are removed prior to vacating the space.

All remaining equipment, including biosafety cabinets and storage cabinets, must be properly decontaminated, as well as all surfaces, such as counters, drawers, floors, fume hoods, etc. In addition, all unwanted lab equipment, supplies, electronics, and furniture are also to be removed following proper cleaning or decontamination. 

Please use the documents and guides provided on thie page to help with this process.