Laboratory inspections are a critical part of the safety culture at NYU. Laboratories are assessed at least annually for compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations. Principal Investigators (PIs) or laboratory supervisors are required to complete a self-inspection at least annually in SciShield. Some department may require more frequent self-inspections.

In addition, to laboratory spaces RLS periodically inspections all shops, studios, makerspaces, and clinical areas across NYU. These inspections should be supplemented by periodic inspections completed by the shop or studio supervisors and clinic administrators.


The items on this checklist are some of the most frequent causes of preventable laboratory accidents, and frequently cited by RLS during lab inspections. Contact RLS with any special concerns that arise from these self-audits, and repeat audits frequently in order to track whether your lab is making improvements. The self-inpection checklists can be found in SciShield.

Inspection Process

The inspections follow a standardized checklist with links to explanations and regulatory references for the requirement around the questions. The Lab Safety team may ask for corrections based on findings during the inspection and will also provide consultations and suggestions intended to help the lab find practical and sustainable ways to make changes. Inspection reports are provided electronically within SciShield and a notification is sent via the system to the PI or supervisor's NYU mail.

Note: If a serious or imminent hazard is identified while performing a safety inspection, RLS would immediately escalate the matter to assure prompt resolution.