Fume Hoods Monitoring

All fume hoods are inspected annually to ensure that the average face velocity is between 80 and 150 feet per minute when opened to 12 inches. Hoods installed after 2008 must be between 80 and 120 feet per minute. In addition to the annual certification a fume hood must have the air flow checked after maintenance work is performed (e.g. new motor, repairs, modifications), relocation, new hood installation, etc. If your fume hood does not have a sticker indicating that it has been inspected within the last year, or if it is not working properly, please contact rls@nyu.edu.  

Mechanical Malfunction or Repair Requests

The unit using the hood should directly contact FCM's Client Services by completing a work request form for problems or repair requests related to the hood not operating correctly. After repairs are made RLS will recheck the hood airflow and have the unit retested and certified before it can be used again.  Lab staff should not use malfunctioning fume hoods and all chemicals must be removed while the fume hood is out of service.  Lab occupants should contact the academic department to check on the status of the repair. 

When maintenance personnel must enter the inside of a fume hood, the fume hood user must remove all containers and thoroughly wash interior surfaces with warm soapy water (fume hood areas that are within arms reach). Call RLS if a full decontamination of the fume hood is required or needed (up into the HVAC duct work). 

Laboratory Safety Equipment