RLS follows federal, state and local requirements for the disposal of wastes designated as biological or infectious by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC). Adhering to these regulations, as well as good management practices, ensures that the University is operating to protect the safety and health of all members of the NYU community and to protect research, equipment, facilities and the environment.

Sharps from Housing Facilities

To provide proper disposal of used hypodermic needles (for medication-dependent individuals) from Student Housing and Real Estate properties, and to prevent injuries among housing staff and NYC Sanitation workers, an arrangement has been made with NYU Student Health Center to accept spent Needles

Each user of hypodermic needles should place it in a coverable puncture resistant container (coffee can, plastic container or commercially available sharps container). The container should not be over packed so that it can be covered and sealed properly.

Full containers should be brought to the Student Health Center, Pharmacy area on the 4th Floor of 726 Broadway during regular business hours.