The Department of Public Safety is continuing its commitment to the safety and security of the NYU community through its emergency call box system.

The 20 boxes placed around campus provide a link to safety along well-traveled routes to, from, and within the Washington Square area.

Box Features:

  • One button triggers an immediate response from the 24/7/365 Public Safety command center
  • A strobe light flashes when emergency button is pushed
  • A blue light at the top of the box illuminates the surrounding area
  • Two-way communication allows our public safety officer to speak directly with you
  • Hard-wiring to the university communications system ensures a safe link to our command center
  • NYU-distinct branding highlights the boxes against the New York City streetscape

You should push the emergency button:

  • If you're feeling unsafe on campus.
  • If you feel your safety is being threatened.
  • If you feel as if you're being followed.
  • If you're experiencing an emergency.
  • If your phone has died and you have an emergency.

What will happen when you push the emergency button:
  • The emergency call box strobe light will flash, further illuminating the area.
  • A member of the NYU Public Safety team will answer your call and assist you in an emergency. The team is available 24/7/365.

Emergency Call Box Map

You can also view the Emergency Call Box Map on Google Maps.

NYU Emergency Call Box