The New York University community is one of the safest areas in Greenwich Village, and Greenwich Village continues to be one of the safest areas in New York City.

The NYU Department of Public Safety records all crimes reported to the Department in the Daily Crime Log.  Crime Log entries include all crimes that occurred on campus, in or on our non-campus buildings or property, and on public property within the NYU campus.  In addition to this online version of the Daily Crime Log, a hardcopy is available to the public upon request and can be viewed at the NYU Department of Public Safety's Command Center located at 7 Washington Place.

Incident Reported
Type Location
Summary Status
2021-0654 06/15/21
12:50 PM
12:50 PM 
Larceny Sidestein Market A staff member reported an attempted larceny. Open
2021-0653 06/14/21
09:57 PM
09:00 PM
Harassment Waverly Place and Greene Street A staff member reported a harassment. Open
2021-0652 06/14/21
09:45 PM
04:30 PM -
09:30 PM
Larceny 721 Broadway A student reported a bike theft from outside 721 Broadway. Open
2021-0651 06/14/21
03:00 PM
05/17/21 -
Larceny Hayden Hall A student reported missing personal property. Open
2021-0650 06/11/21
05:16 PM
05:16 PM
Harassment 3 Washington Square Village A non-NYU affiliate reported a harassment. Open
2021-0646 06/13/21
08:54 PM
06/13/21 8:54 PM Criminal Mischief Washington Square Park Area NYPD reported various incidents of criminal mischief. Eight parked cars on various locations at Mercer Street and at Washington Place were tagged by a non-NYU affiliate. An arrest was made. Open
2021-0641 06/11/21
12:50 PM
05/26/21 -
Larceny Tisch Hall A staff member reported a missing tv. Open
2021-0639 06/11/21
06:00 AM
Criminal Mischief Skirball Center A Public Safety Officer reported graffiti on art installations outside of the NYU Skirball Center. Open
2021-0626 06/08/21
11:24 AM
09:00 AM -
11:00 AM
Larceny Meyer Hall A student reported a missing bike from outside Meyer Hall. Open
2021-0620 06/07/21
03:20 PM
12:28 PM
Larceny Tisch Hall A Public Safety Officer reported missing personal property. Closed
2021-0617 06/07/21
11:30 AM
Larceny 15 Washington Place A staff member reported a larceny. Open
2021-0604 06/02/21
08:30 AM
08:30 AM 
Third Avenue Alumni Hall A contractor reported graffiti outside of Alumni Hall. Open