What is the LiveWellNYU Stamp?
The LiveWellNYU Stamp is a visual cue that highlights opportunities throughout campus for students to make a decision or to take action that can positively contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Who can use the LiveWellNYU Stamp?
The LiveWellNYU Stamp can be used by any member of the NYU community – students, staff, faculty, clubs, RAs, student government, RHDs, Global Sites, NYU offices or departments; really, anyone!

Why should I use the LiveWellNYU Stamp?
Events bearing the LiveWellNYU stamp will be promoted on LiveWellNYU.com and across our social media platforms, in addition to making your event or initiative stand out as an opportunity to have fun in a way that lets students live it up...and live well.

When is it appropriate to use the LiveWellNYU Stamp?
The LiveWellNYU stamp can be used on signage or promotional materials for events, programs, or other initiatives throughout campus that promote personal wellness. The stamp can be used for opportunities that are not primarily focused on health but should help students reduce stress, improve their lives, get physically active, or do things that support their overall wellness.

• A film screening where nutritious snacks will be served
• A neighborhood walking tour
• A de-stressing event, such as movie night, during finals week
• Field day in Washington Square Park
• Cultural event
• Signage highlighting healthy snack or meal options
• Study session
• Elevator etiquette or take the stairs signage


How do I obtain the LiveWellNYU Stamp?
Download one of the versions below.  Additional iterations (i.e. file format, color, resolution) are available by request to livewell@nyu.edu. If you use the stamp, please let us know!

Blue Stamp

Download  Black Stamp

Green Stamp