NYU's approach to the health of our students is one of “wellness”: supporting students in all aspects of their lives in order to enable them to achieve success. A comprehensive set of services and resources -- including the Wellness Exchange, LiveWellNYU, and the Student Health Center -- exist to address the full spectrum of students’ health and wellness needs. We know how devoted and concerned our employees are about the well-being of our students, and we want to provide you with guidance and resources to proactively help students maintain good health or to respond in cases of student mental distress.

With a focus on preventive health, LiveWellNYU is a university-wide initiative designed to engage and empower students in achieving their best possible health. LiveWellNYU provides tools and resources for individual students to maintain good health and promotes how faculty and staff; student leaders; parents; family; friends; and community partners can work together in a united and coordinated effort to improve the health and wellness of our students.

As an administrator or staff member, you engage with students every day; your support and guidance make a difference. Students may never interact with health professionals during their NYU experience, but they will always be exposed to and interact with administrators and staff. This website is intended to be a resource containing suggestions for what you can do support the overall wellness of NYU students.

Get Involved

  • Sign up to receive the LiveWellNYU Partners e-newsletter. Receive a periodic email that provides updates on the progress of LiveWellNYU and suggestions for how you can help to create a healthier NYU community. Register by sending a blank email to join-livewellnyu-partners@lists.nyu.edu.
  • Use the LiveWellNYU Stamp on signage or promotional materials. The LiveWellNYU Stamp is a visual cue that highlights opportunities throughout campus for students to make a decision or to take action that can positively contribute to their overall wellbeing. The stamp can be used on signage or promotional materials for events, programs, or other initiatives throughout campus that are connected to wellness and quality of life. For more information about when and how to use the stamp, visit the LiveWellNYU Stamp FAQs.
  • Submit your event to LiveWellNYU.com.  LiveWellNYU.com is an online space for students to learn about upcoming events and other programs happening on campus.  Events are not limited to those solely about health.   Share information about your event or program by submitting to "Well Done"
  • Review LiveWellNYU: A Comprehensive Public Health Framework to Improve Student Health throughout the Global Network University.  Released in March 2012, this document serves as the University’s policy agenda for improving the health and wellness of all 50,000 NYU students. The agenda prioritizes prevention by integrating recommendations and actions across multiple disciplines throughout the University and surrounding community, and is intended to serve as a guide of opportunities for prevention and health to facilitate any University department or partner to take action to improve the campus community using evidence-based strategies that have the potential for broad reach and high impact. If you are interested in helping to champion the implementation of new programs, policies, and strategies for improving the health of the campus community, please email livewell@nyu.edu.
  • Join the LiveWellNYU committee. The committee functions to promote a campus-wide approach with coordinated action by University partners working toward common goals and objectives; identify and meet the unique needs of particular groups of students; leverage specialized expertise; provide transparency, accountability, and benchmarks for priority areas; identify opportunities for prevention; and recommend and champion the implementation of new programs, policies, and strategies for effectively engaging NYU students around their health. We invite you to join one of eleven work groups based on your personal areas of interest – no experience necessary. Work groups meet approximately 2x per semester. For more information or to get involved, email livewell@nyu.edu.