Derived from the Healthy Campus initiative, NYU National College Health Assessment data, and with input from University stakeholders, LiveWellNYU has identified 10 priority areas that meet the following criteria: highly prevalent impediments to academic and student success; determinants of future preventable chronic disease; that which is proven amenable to intervention and public action; and can be best addressed through coordinated action by University partnerships.

The LiveWellNYU advisory committees have established a set of indicators and evidence-informed or theory-based recommendations for each priority area.

Recommendations and Actions

LiveWellNYU – based on a comprehensive, ecological approach  – supports recommendations that address the complex determinants of health in various capacities. Factors that influence health do not operate in isolation; they often intersect or work synergistically. With this in mind, LiveWellNYU establishes recommendations for each priority area which seek to improve health and wellness through three distinct types of interventions:

  1. Prevention, Access and Quality: Advancing evidence-based preventive practices, enriching healthcare services  that are of highest quality, and assuring that each NYU student has access to the means to live a healthy life
  2. Health Promotion: Empowering NYU students with the education, tools, and resources to achieve their best possible health and improve the overall health of the University+
  3. Policies and Guidelines: Enhancing existing and developing new NYU policies, guidelines, and protocols to facilitate change in the environmental and social conditions that affect student health
Social Determinants Model

Using this framework to guide effective change in the University community, LiveWellNYU envisions a healthy, happy, and successful student population.