NYU's approach to the health of our students is one of “wellness”: supporting students in all aspects of their lives in order to enable them to achieve success. A comprehensive set of services and resources -- including the Wellness Exchange, LiveWellNYU, and the Student Health Center -- exist to address the full spectrum of students’ health and wellness needs.

We know how devoted and concerned parents and families are about the well-being of their students, and we want to provide you with guidance and resources to proactively help your student maintain good health or to respond in cases of student mental distress.

With a focus on preventive health, LiveWellNYU is a university-wide initiative designed to engage and empower students in achieving their best possible health. LiveWellNYU provides tools and resources for individual students to maintain good health and promotes how faculty and staff; student leaders; parents; family; friends; and community partners can work together in a united and coordinated effort to improve the health and wellness of our students.

As a parent or family member, you play a crucial role in guiding and supporting your student in making healthy decisions. This website is intended to be a resource to keep you informed about how to help the student in your life be healthy.

Get Involved

  • Subscribe to the Student Resource Center’s Parents e-Newsletter. New York University is a big place, with a great many resources for students and parents, and being an informed parent is a great way to support your NYU Student. The Parent e-Newsletter, produced by Parent Resources at the Student Resource Center, is a great way to stay up to date on important and interesting news at New York University.
  • Prepare your student for obtaining medical or mental health care. Whether enrolled in an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance plan or maintaining alternate health insurance coverage, the Student Health Center offers routine and walk-in Primary Care and Women's Health Services at either no cost or very reduced cost to all matriculated NYU students. In addition, wellness, short-term counseling (talk therapy) and crisis services are free of charge. To help your student prepare for a visit:
    - Provide them with a copy of their health history, which includes a list of completed vaccinations, allergies, and other important information.
    - Make sure they have their insurance card and understand the co-pay policy.
    - Empower them to ask questions about a diagnosis and medications that are being prescribed to them.
    - Remember that for students over 18, they will need to provide you with permission to speak to their healthcare provider.
  • Review LiveWellNYU: A Comprehensive Public Health Framework to Improve Student Health throughout the Global Network University.   Released in March 2012, this document serves as the University’s policy agenda for improving the health and wellness of all 50,000 NYU students. The agenda prioritizes prevention by integrating recommendations and actions across multiple disciplines throughout the University and surrounding community, and is intended to serve as a guide of opportunities for prevention and health to facilitate any University partner to take action to improve the campus community using evidence-based strategies that have the potential for broad reach and high impact.