The academic success of your students is directly related to their overall health. As a faculty member, you are uniquely positioned to connect with students, support their growth and development, and help prevent emerging problems.  Course design and your actions in the classroom can impact students' wellbeing. 

The LiveWellNYU movement is about taking simple actions that make students healthier, improve their quality of life, and contribute to a successful college experience. This site contains resources and ideas for simple things you can do to support the wellbeing of your students.

Visit the Tips page for some quick ideas you can incorporate into your classes, or use the menu to the right to explore data and tips on a specific topic. If you would like to schedule a call or meeting to discuss LiveWellNYU and ways you can help your students, email us at  To help a student you are concerned about, contact the Wellness Exchange 212-443-9999.